Psychologist Caitlin Wong Publishes Research

School Psychologist Caitlin Wong Publishes Research

The Wantagh School District is pleased to announce that Wantagh High School psychologist Dr. Caitlin Wong has published research in both The Journal of Moral Education and in Child & Youth Care Forum.  

The Journal of Moral Education article, “Profiles of adolescent character attributes: Associations with intentional self-regulation and character role model relationships (June 2020),” reviewed combinations of character attributes in adolescents and how they were associated with self-regulation and connections to a role model.

Additionally, Dr. Wong co-authored an article in Child & Youth Care Forum (Vol. 49, Issue 2 Apr. 2020) that examined how to measure the “big three” of positive youth development ( i.e. positive and sustained child-adult relationships, opportunities for youth leadership and activities that build important life skills) for children in Rwanda. Titled, “Toward a Measure for Assessing Features of Effective Youth Development Programs: Contextual Safety and the ‘Big Three’ Components of Positive Youth Development Programs in Rwanda,” the research further examined whether participation in Compassion International programs was associated with more positive outcomes in relation to the “Big Three.”   

As a school psychologist, Dr. Wong says her research influences her practice as a high school psychologist and that her degree in applied developmental educational psychology enhances her ability to see the full context in which students develop. She explained that she sees students as individuals and considers their individual strengths, the same time considering ecological variables such as family, academic history and social development. 

“Considering students from multiple perspectives helps me to meet student needs as they arise, as well as to consider how these needs may manifest in other students,” Dr. Wong said. “I am extremely grateful to work in a school that allows me to interact with students at an individual basis as well as to support students at a classroom and systems level. I feel this has been a wonderful experience in applying my training as a practitioner and a researcher.”

  In addition to her research and as a practitioner, Dr. Wong is a reviewer for School Psychology Review and a member of the National Association for School Psychologists and the American Psychological Association. She also reviews research manuscripts for School Psychology Review and the Journal of Prevention and Health Promotion.