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Welcome to Pupil Personnel Services (PPS)

Special education is grounded in the belief that all students have the potential to learn. It is the responsibility of us as educators to provide appropriate learning experiences for all students, to recognize and understand the unique nature of each student, and to strive for the educational success of every student. 


Stephen Moran

Stephen Moran

Assistant Superintendent for
Pupil Personnel Services

CSE and CPSE Chairperson


Dr. Maura LaChance

Maura Lachance, Ph.D.

Supervisor of Special Education


Dr. Melissa Bennett

Dr. Melissa Bennett, Psy.D
Elementary IEP Coordinator 
CPSE Chairperson
School Psychologist

Iris McNulty-Kline

Iris McNulty-Kline 
Homeless Liaison and HS 
Social Worker

Agnes Lemyre

Agnes Lemyre
Secondary IEP Coordinator
CSE Chairperson 
School Psychologist