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Audit Committee

Photo of Mr. Anthony Cedrone

The Audit Committee of the Wantagh School District was formed in 2005 as was required by law. The Audit Committee's role is advisory in nature and assists the Board of Education with oversight of the district's internal and external audit functions.

The committee is derived of two members of the Board of Education and three non-board members. The committee meets throughout the year on the following items:

1. Assist the Board in providing oversight of the internal audit, external audit, and claims audit functions, including the appointment of the internal, external, and claims auditors.

2. Oversee the competitive Request for Proposal Process (RFP) used to solicit quotations for the District’s annual external audit.

3. Review the scope, plan and coordination of the external and internal audits.

4. Provide a communications link between the external and internal auditors and the Board.

A copy of the Audit Committee charter can be found here