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Math Department


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Embracing math as the universal language.

Practice, Application, and Connection

Enhance student perseverance, critical thinking, problem solving, and numeric literacy through practice, application, and real world connections.

Grading Policies

Middle School Math Classes High School Math Classes
70% Assessment 80% Assessment
20% Checkpoint/Assignments 15% Checkpoint/Assignments
10% Engagement 5% Engagement


College Statistics AP Statistics
55% Assessment 65% Assessment
35% Projects/Homework 25% Projects/Homework
10% Engagement 10% Engagement

Math Department Staff Directory

Mathemathics Curriculum Maps

Click below for curriculum maps

Sixth Grade Curriculum Seventh Grade Curriculum Grade 7/ 8 H Math Curriculum Eighth Grade Curriculum Map Regents Algebra I Curriculum Regents Geometry Curriculum Regents Algebra II Curriculum



Mathematics Pathways

Math Flow Chart