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Art Department

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The Wantagh Art Department builds the foundation for lifetime involvement in the arts. Teachers engage students in the creation, appreciation and analysis of art, promoting intellectual curiosity and creative expression.

 The students in our Art classes will be able to:

  • Experience a sequential program of art instruction that is balanced to include the study of art production, aesthetics, art criticism, and art history.
  • Participate in both the joy and challenges of creating and self-expression through art by actively engaging in the processes that constitute the creation of art.
  • Learn the use of various art techniques, materials, equipment, and resources for the participation in the production and analysis of works of art.
  • Begin to develop the sensitivity, visual discrimination and judgment needed to respond to and analyze works of art.
  • Develop an understanding of the cultural and historical forces that shape art through the ages and how the arts, in turn, shape the rich and diverse cultural contributions of a global society.
  • Develop an awareness of the visual arts as they relate to art careers and related professions.

In addition, student involvement in the visual arts program is visually evident throughout the entire school community.

Art Department Staff Directory