New Faculty Welcomed

New Faculty Welcomed
New Faculty

Prior to the district’s opening its doors to students, new faculty was welcomed during the remote New Teacher Orientation Program, held on August 31 and Sept. 4. In addition to learning about district policies, expectation and benefits, the new faculty discussed in detail new COVID-19 protocol and a virtual learning overview.


The new faculty will attend additional workshops throughout the school year on topics including technology, special education services, caring in schools, instructional practices, assessment for learning, reflective practices and celebrating student work.  

Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Dr. Marc Ferris said new faculty was hired due to a high volume of retirements, leave replacements for underlying conditions, the need for smaller class sizes and remote instruction. In addition to making the new teachers comfortable with the school district, Dr. Ferris said, “This was also an opportune time to share what the district values as a tool, which is the social-emotional and academic well-being of students.” 

The district welcomes the following faculty:


 Ariel Adrian – reading – Wantagh Middle School  

 Angelica Becerra – World language/long-term substitute - 

Christen Bellucci – science – Wantagh Middle School

 Jared Bursky – physical education – Mandalay and Wantagh Elementary

 Laura Capozzi – art – Forest Lake and Wantagh Elementary

 Anthony Cavalluzzo – elementary education – Forest Lake Elementary

 Amanda Debel – special education/leave replacement – Wantagh Elementary

 Taylor Doherty – English – Wantagh Middle School

 Alexandra Duca – elementary education – Wantagh Elementary 

 Melissa Edwards – physical education – Wantagh Elementary

 Bridget Fielder – kindergarten/leave replacement – Wantagh Elementary 

 Ryan Frank – physics/long-term substitute – Wantagh High School

Erin Gericitano – special education – Mandalay and Forest Lake elementary schools

 Valerie Gompers – family and consumer sciences – Wantagh Middle/Wantagh High School

 Victoria Hargreaves – social studies – Wantagh Middle School

 Ruth Henry – kindergarten – Forest Lake Elementary

 Timothy Hynes – Integrated Co-Teaching/leave replacement – Wantagh Elementary School 

 Stephanie Johnson – art/long-term substitute – Wantagh Elementary

 Jamie Kanner – STEAM/permanent substitute – Forest Lake Elementary

 Brittany Lahti – elementary education – Mandalay Elementary

 Anne Lotito-Schuh – librarian – Wantagh High School

Alexandra Martinek – reading – Mandalay Elementary

Christina Mealey – elementary education – Wantagh Elementary School 

 Taylor Nisen – elementary education – Wantagh Elementary 

 Julia O’Leary – reading/long-term substitute – Wantagh Middle School

 Joanna Osman – art – Wantagh Middle and Wantagh High schools

 Nicole Pataky – elementary education – Forest Lake Elementary

Christopher Pedota – special education – Forest Lake Elementary

Nicole Robinson – math/long-term substitute – Wantagh Middle School

 Janine Rotondo – family and consumer sciences – Wantagh High School

 Michelle Sena - speech – Mandalay Elementary School

 Kristina Sumakis – English/long-term substitute – Wantagh Middle School

Carmen Vieytez - music – Wantagh Elementary