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Reflection & Closure

School Happenings...

At the High School students learned a technique to reflect on their experiences and identified the lessons they felt were most helpful and provided feedback regarding the Wellness Wednesday initiative. 

Congratulations you have completed a very strange school year and summer is right around the corner! Now is the perfect time for reflection. Reflection is the process of giving serious thought, consideration and contemplation to an experience or event  in your life. To evaluate what you’ve accomplished, celebrate your victories and successes and to critically reflect on what you struggled with or what didn't go right. Acknowledging our successes but also recognizing and reflecting on how our challenges can become opportunities. We often learn the most when things don't go right. 

Reflection can help you to be less judgmental of yourself and guide you to take an impartial look at an experience. All our experiences, positive and negative, lead to personal growth if we step back and take the time to reflect.

The benefits of pausing to reflect include…

  • Focusing our attention and cultivating energy to grow and learn
  • It increases our ability to problem solve by providing us with critical analysis of our experiences
  • It builds self awareness of our behavior and experiences
  • It gives us clarity and purpose in relation to what we have done, are doing or need to do
  • It gives us the ability to explore new ideas and perspectives
  • It allows us to inventory and better understand our strengths and weakness

And most importantly it helps us to adapt. 
Those who can reflect on their experience and learn about themselves, can then take that information and adapt. If we fail to adapt, we fail to move forward.