Name Change Information


If you have a name change or a change of address or phone number, please let the main office of your building know. They will collect the new information from you and complete a "Staff Change Form" in order to let the appropriate departments know of you changes.

Additionally for your name change, please complete a new W-4 and forward to the Human Resources Department.  We cannot change your name without a new W-4.

If you have health insurance through the District, all changes can be made by completing a Change Form. You can contact Benefits at extension 6318 for any additional questions. 

Retirement system change forms can be printed and mailed directly to the retirement system, whose address is located on the form.

Teacher's Retirement system
Name and Address Change Form
                Beneficiary Change Form

Employee's Retirement system

                 Name Change Form  
                 Address Change Form

For your Certifications and TEACH account, you should log in to TEACH.
Use the "Update/Add Education, Employment and Personal Information" tab.
Click "Edit Personal Info", "Request name change" and enter the name as it is on your official documents.
Upload a copy of the supporting documentation (marriage license or divorce decree, court order, etc.).  There is no fee for requesting a name change and it's important to to keep your NYS Certifications updated.  If you would like a new printed certificate, you must apply for a duplicate certificate and pay a $25 fee.
You can update your address in the same manner.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact the Human Resources Department.