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Wantagh SEPTA (Supportive Education Parent Teacher Association) is a district-wide (K-12) PTA that addresses the issues of students whose learning needs may be different than the general population, including those that require the support of Special Education or Related Services (OT/PT/Speech/Resource Room/504). SEPTA provides resources and information as well as a forum for all parents to share their concerns, and strives to sensitize the Wantagh community to the needs of children who are differently-abled.

Benefits of SEPTA Membership

SEPTA helps you learn what resources are available to your child within the district.
Our website offers information on resources as well as upcoming meetings and events. We also supply babysitting at our meetings.

SEPTA provides and sponsors guest speakers on relevant topics, and free workshops.

SEPTA can connect you with other parents who have shared similar experiences.

Address Issues
SEPTA provides a venue for raising common concerns to appropriate district personnel.

SEPTA collaborates to strengthen partnerships between families and district faculty.

SEPTA can help you learn to advocate for your child.

Special Events
SEPTA also sponsors Family Fun Day events and more!

Friends of SEPTA awards acknowledge those positively impacting our children's education experience.

SEPTA awards scholarships to graduating students with an IEP and the Friend of SEPTA Scholarship for one general education student whose family is enrolled as a member of SEPTA.

Please remember, you are your child's best advocate. We encourage and welcome all parents to support us by becoming a SEPTA Member as all of our children benefit from your membership. Membership is open to everyone! Your support as a member is invaluable to our organization.

Contact Wantagh SEPTA at with any questions, comments, or concerns.

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