The World Languages Honor Society

Criteria for Membership

Middle School Students:

Middle School World Language Honor Society Members must maintain a 90% average in their language classes for all of seventh grade and for the first two marking periods of the eighth grade year.

High School Students:

1- Must have maintained a cumulative average of 90% and above in their World Languages classes.

2. Must be in good standing in their Level IV Honors or Pre-AP class and submit an honor society application.

3. Must demonstrate a commitment to the study of the language and culture of their choice and commit to continuing their study of the language in high school.

4. Must be enrolled in the College Level or AP Course as high school seniors in order to be inducted and maintain their honor society membership. Students who do not continue their study of language as seniors will not be considered active members during their senior year.

5. Must participate in honor society activities and serve as a student tutor.